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Hydrophobic water settling tanks


Hydrophobic water settling tanks OGV-G are designed for produced water treatment from oil, gas and mechanical impurities at oil-productiong and refining enterprises. Having been treated produced water may be used for further technological purposes.

Design and operating peculiarities of hydrophobic water settling tanks

Structurally, this type of settling tanks is made in the form of a horizontal cylindrical vessel with elliptical heads. All around the shell there located fittings and pipes through which the feed stock enters, segregated substances (oil, gas, suspended particles) are discharged. Also, technological equipment that controls the process is installed into the fittings: pressure gauge, safety valve, thermometer, phase interface controller, and level gauges. The access to the inside of the vessel is made through a manhole, and accumulated impurities are removed through the stripping hatch.

The shell may be thermally insulated. It allows to operate the settling tanks at sub-zero temperatures without the use of process medium heaters.

The Saratov reservoir plant produces water settling tanks with a hydrophobic layer with a volume of from 25 up to 200 m3 of steel grades 16GS and 09G2S. We also perform design on the basis of the requirements and operating conditions presented by the Customer.Water settling tanks OGV-G are delivered to the site in full factory readiness: the tank is put into operation immediately after the tank is installed on the prepared foundation, and is connected to the feed and discharge pipelines and oil anf gas intake lines.

Water settling tanks OGV-G differ from other types of settling tanks by the internal baffles that form compartments, through the upper edges of which the produced water flows. In parallel, the liquid is cleaned from its components. The baffles are tightly welded to the lower part of the shell.

Baffles form compartments, the number of which depends on the required parameters of water treatment and the length of the tank. The compartments are connected to each other in pairs by a pipeline with a distributor.

Produced water treatment is carried by the hydrophobic layer in each compartment. Each layer is oil blanket and "detains" particles of oil, gas and other substances.

Produced water enters the tank above the level of the media interface through a feed pipeline, which has a distributor that is responsible for the uniform flow of liquid to the hydrophobic layer. When the liquid passes through the oil layer, oil particles are partially removed from the water. In the next compartment, the proccessed medium is filtered again and more thoroughly.

Hydrophobic water settling tank drawing

Hydrophobic water settling tank drawing

Nozzle schedule

Designation Assignment
А1, А2, А3 initial product inlet
Б1 oil outlet
В1 water outlet
Г1 gas outlet
Д1, Д2 drainage
Е1, Е2 manhole
Ж1 pressure gauge
И1 steaming
К1 safety valve
Л1 temperature probe
М1 phase interface controller
Н1 level control
П1, П2 level gauge cabinet
Р1, Р2 stripping hatch

Overall dimensions

Capacity, m3 25 50 100 200
Liquid output, m3/day 2000 4000 7500 15000
Nominal pressure, MPa (kp/cm2) 1,0 (10)
1,6 (16)
2,5 (25)
1,0 (10)
1,6 (16)
2,5 (25)
1,0 (10)
1,6 (16)
2,5 (25)
1,0 (10)
1,6 (16)
2,5 (25)
Inside diameter 2400 2400 3000 3400
L 6285
I 4500 9700 12300 19800
I1 600 1200 1500 2500
I2 2700 6700 8000 13000
I3 850 1500 2150 3400
I4 350 500 700 1000
I5 2250 4850 6150 9900
I6 600 1200 1500 2500
I7 1000 3000 3500 6000
I8 500 1200 120 2000
I9 500 800 1000 1000
I10 700 1000 1000 1000
I11 1800 1800 2200 2500
I12 300 300 500 500
I13 750 1600 2000 300
I14 350 800 1000 1900
I15 600 2000 2000 2000
I16 400 800 1000 1000
I17 300 400 500 500

Performance capability of the hydrophobiwater settling tanks

Criteria Value
Processing medium produced water with oil, gas and mechanical impurities
Capacity, m3 25-200
Processing capacity, m3/day 2000-15000 (depends on the capacity)
Process pressure, MPa 1.0; 1.6; 2.5
Operating medium temperature, ºС -60...+100
Ambient temperature, ºС -40...+60
Climatic category N, NF
Seismicity, points до 8 (more than 8 at special order)

How to order hydrophobic water settling tanks?

To purchase hydrophobic water settling tanks You may:

  • call at +7(8452)250-288
  • email at

We perform the full range of work:

  • oil and gas facilities design
  • separation equipment production
  • delivery
  • separation equipment installing


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