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Гарантия Саратовского резервуарного завода

The Saratov reservoir plant being a manufacturer of tank and vessels provides a warranty for the equipment of own production.

All equipment corresponds to industry regulatory documents and state standards requirements, which ensures a long service life under observance of operating rules. Each unit of the produced goods is checked by the certified experts of the Saratov Reservoir Plant who supervise manufacturing process starting from incoming quality control.

The warranty period is calculated from a certain date:

  • from the date of shipment of equipment to the facility - 24 months;
  • from the date of commissioning - 18 months.

At the customer's request, the warranty period may be increased on a contractual basis up to 36 months from the delivery date.

In case of ordering an equipment which contains one or more pre-installed components, the warranty period for additional structural elements is settled separately.

Performance guarantee and warranty provided by LLC "SARRZ" do not cover the cases of misuse, including:

  • deferred or low-quality engineering service or preventive maintenance;
  • overpressure above the specified working pressure;
  • nonconforming engineering change;
  • the change of the processing medium or its features unspecified by design.

If preventive measures are carried out and operating rules stated at the product certificate are observed actual operating time of the tanks and vessels manufactured by SARRZ may be far in excess of design life.