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Process design management

Project management for the design and construction of oil and gas facilities is one of the fundamental areas of activity of the Engineering Department of the Saratov Reservoir Plant.

The administration of subcontracting design and construction organizations, the tasks assignment, monitoring their work, monitoring for the progress and implementation of all tasks and works and acceptance of work are the main functional responsibilities of our Department within the framework of engineering in the field of project management.

In more detailsl, our specialists perform the following works and services within the framework of management engineering:

  • the development of grassroot facilities project;
  • oil and gas turnkey projects;
  • search and awarding of contracts with subcontractors and other stakeholders;
  • engineering design and construction coordination;
  • representation of the customer`s (investor`s) interests at regulatory agencies;
  • legal support and bookkeeping of  all stages of design/construction;
  • monitoring the implementation and compliance with the requirements of the customer (investor) and the state rules, regulations and standards;
  • monitoring of the production process and / or procurement, delivery of equipment to meet safety standards*.

Integrated engineering in the management of oil and gas construction projects is:

  • management high efficiency of processes and operations for the design and construction of facilities;
  • reducing the time required to complete the work due to the well-coordinated work of the team and central management of  design and construction operations;
  • implementation of the customer's investment projects within time limits and budget;
  • a high degree of liabilities (including legal responsibility) to the customer.

Regulatory framework in Project management:

  • GOST Р 58179-2018 "Engineering in construction. Terms and definitions";
  • GOST Р 57306-2016 "Engineering. Engineering terms and basic concepts".

How to order Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology & Equipment management services on oil and gas facilities turnkey construction projects?

You may inquire the cost of management engineering by:

  • sending the technical specifications for execution of works by email
  • using the form "Order a service", specify the detailed information to contact you
  • calling us at 8-800-555-9480

*you may inquire the full list of managenet engineering services by email .