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Tank equipment

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Tank equipment is a wide variety of technological devices for petroleum-storage depots, storage plants and oil terminals. It is installed on each tank, apparatus or vessel, performing a particular function.

The equipment for tanks is necessary for reliable and safe operation of vessels, for carrying out loading-unloading operations (for intake and discharge of petroleum products and other liquids), and maintenance service.

The list of minimal tank equipment and requirements for its production and installation are provided in:

  • Rules of tank technical operation and instructions on their repair
  • RD 153-39.4-078-01 "Rules of technical operation of tanks, oil trunk pipelines and petroleum-storage depots"

Thus, depending on the functional objectives, tank equipment is grouped in:

  1. Maintenance equipment is applied for efficient operation, maintenance or repair. This includes manways, inspection holes, manholes (for underground tanks), transitional or viewing platforms, shaft or spiral stairs, bridges, overpasses, stands. They are made of rolled steel in accordance with the design documentation (Metal structures and steel structures details design)
  2. Dispensing equipment is designed to perform operations on intake and discharge of petroleum products or any other stored liquid. This group includes various top or bottom loading devices, pumps and pumping units for petroleum products transfer, inlet - distribution nozzle, shuttle valves, outlet couplings, filters, intake devices, winches, etc. The choice depends on the properties of the stored product and operating conditions.
  3. Tank equipment to prevent loss of petroleum products. This group includes breathing equipment, safety valves, ventilation pipes — for pressure control, that is preventing the output of the operational product.
  4. Equipment that monitors the quantity and quality of petroleum products or other liquids in the tank: remote and local level gauges, sampling taker, sampling devices, level detectors, level switch, etc.
  5. Fire-fighting equipment that can extinguish a fire, prevent its occurrence and protect the tank from penetration of fire. This includes fire safety device, flame arresters, foamer of low, medium and high multiplicity, spark arrestors and safety valves. The choice depends on the fire and explosion hazard of the production facility.
  6. Tank equipment for scrubbing operationss contributes to the durable operation of the tank as a whole, eliminating bottom sediments, precipitation, etc.

How to find out the cost of tank equipment?

To calculate the cost and purchase the tank equipment at the Saratov Reservoir Plant, You can:

  • call at +7(8452)250-288
  • send a Request with technical specification at e-mail
  • use the "Request for quotation" form

The Saratov Reservoir Plant produces a wide range of tank equipment. If you order or buy a tank (vertical tank, underground tank, LPG storage vessel, double-walled tank, etc.), we will select the optimal equipment for solving functional objectives.