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Bottom cleanout boxes



Bottom cleanout boxes are used for removal of bottom settlings and other sediments, sedimentary rocks from the vertical tank bottom and shell. They are mounted in the lower part of the shell and provide access inside for scheduled maintenance, which can be carried out only after tank emptying.

Their application is indispensable for the heavy and viscous petroleum products with high density storage.

Bottom cleanout boxes manufacture

The Saratov Reservoir Plant produces the following sizes of cleanout boxes:

  • 600х600
  • 600х900
  • 900х1200

Overall dimensions are calculated at the design stage and depend on the tank capacity. Below there is a dimension sheet in accordance with GOST 31385-2016 "Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and petroleum products. General technical specifications", which is guided by our specialists while designing and manufacturing of cleanout boxes.

In terms of design, it is a hole in the first ring, pressure tight closed when petroleum product is inside. In order to avoid a welded joint breakage, a reinforcing plate is attached to the outside of the shell and on the bottom.

The material should be similar to the steel grade of the tank.

We supply bottom cleanout boxes separately and in a complete with vertical tanks as well. The equipment is transported separately from the primary steel members, together with the plate and supporting structures, which are placed inside in the erection procedure.

Drawing of bottom cleanout box 600x900 for vertical tank of a capacity 1000 m3

Drawing of bottom cleanout box 600x900 for vertical tank of a capacity 1000 m3

Dimension sheet

Criteria Size, mm
600х600 600х900 900х1200
Height 600 600 900
Width 600 900 1200
Radius 0,5 of width
Height equal to bottom ring height
Thicknes depending on design condition
Stiffening plate and shell thickness equal to insert thickness
Stiffening plate
Width 1830 2270 2700
Height 920 920 1380
Spherical radius 740 740 1040
Bottom insert
Thickness depending on design condition
Min width amount of thickness of insert and stiffening plate + 250 mm
Size of bolt 20 (36 pcs) 20 (44 pcs) 24 (46 pcs)

Flange and cleanout plate thickness

Pick filling level of operating product with a density of 1,0 t/m3, m Size, mm
600х600 600х900 900х1200
6.0 10 14 16
9.0 12 16 19
12.0 14 18 22
15.0 15 20 24
18.0 16 22 26
21.0 17 23 27
24.0 18 24 28

How to buy a bottom cleanout box at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

To calculate the price of the cleanout box, You can:

  • call at +7(8452)250-288
  • e - mail at  with operating requirements
  • use the form "Request for quotation", provide with enquiries to contact You


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