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Silo produced by SARRZ Silo for bulk products Rectangular silo for bulk products

Steel silos and bunkers are used as a universal storage facility in agriculture, construction and food enterprises, in industries for receiving, storing and dispensing bulk goods such as sand, cement, gypsum, lime, grain, flour and other fine granular material. They can be installed as stand-alone, or represent a single complex of silos.

Example of silo complex layout

Silo complex

1-dump pit, 2-working house with waste bunkers, 3- buffer silos unit, 4-grain dryers, 5-silo housing in silos with flat bottom, 6-shipping silo

The bunkers are characterized by the possibility of dosed unloading and loading of the product, its high level of environmental protection, water resistance, etc. Depending on the volume, they are delivered to the construction site in assembled form, which reduces the costs of transportation and installation.

The design of steel silos and bunkers

The housing is a vertical cylindrical or rectangular vessel with flat or conical bottom with an opening (window) and a flat roof. The first ones are made with a diameter of 5.5 m to 27.5 m and a height up to 33 m, and the second ones have a diameter of 2.5 to 11 m and a height from 5.5 m to 28 m.

Silo with flat bottom Silo with conic bottom
Silo with flat bottom Silo with conic bottom

Rectangular silos are rarely used, mainly on asphalt concrete plants and for fertilizers storage.

Shipping silos are smaller and are used to unload the stored product for road and rail transport.

Rectangular silo Shipping silo
Rectangular silo Shipping silo

Technological equipment of silos and bunkers

Vertical structure of silos saves space for installation. They are installed on a metal support frame, the height of which depends on the purpose, design and operational location. For reliable and efficient operation, technological equipment is installed on it, for example, level sensors, filters, vibrators and aeration devices (for uniform distribution of the product inside the container and ensuring its fluidity during its discharge), sampling cranes, sight glass and washing heads, wall air ducts, ventilation equipment. For service maintenance silos and bunkers are supplied with ladders, viewing platforms and transitions.

Manufacture of silos and bunkers

The Saratov Resevoir Plant produces silos from galvanized, carbon, stainless and black steel, depending on the stored material:

  • galvanized steel for cement
  • stainless steel for food
  • black steel for sand

The rolled steel is conditioned by hot dip galvanization to impart corrosion resistance. (see GOST 52246-2004 “Rolled steel hot-dip-galvanised. Specifications”)

Silos and bunkers can be manufactured in two ways: by sheet-by-sheet method and by rolling-up method, depending on the volume. All elements are made of sheets steel with a thickness of 0.8-12 mm, depending on the tonnage and diameter. Steel sheets are connected by welding or bolts. The way of elements fastening should provide the maximum tightness of the housing.

The Saratov Resevoir Plant produces silos with a volume from 5 m3 to 1000 m3.

Silos up to 50 m3 are manufactured by sheet-by-sheet method, they have ready-to-transport overall size. The disadvantage of this method is a large number of mounting connections. Our Plant uses high technological equipment, that's why this disadvantage is reduced to a minimum.

Silos with volume more then 50 m3 have a prefabricated structure and are manufactured by a roll-up method. The shell is produced at the factory, then rolled up and delivered to the installation site.

The method of fabricating and design is chosen on the basis of the design characteristics, load-carrying ability and Customer's requirements. We take into account the perceived loads of its own weight, the weight of stored material, wind and snow loads, seismic operating conditions. Silos and bunkers are supplied with stiffening ribs made of corrugated sheet to maintain vertical stability, (in accordance with the "Recommendations on reinforcement and repair of building structures of engineering constructions").

Design, fabrication and assembly is ruled by:

  • SniP 2.09.03-85 “Constructing of industrial installation”
  • SniP 2.10.05-85 “Enterprises, buildings and structures of grain storage and processing”
  • GOST 25627-83 “Reinforced-concrete structures for silo construction of elevators and grain processing enterprises”

Permits, approvals, authorizations, licenses, consents and certificates on silos and bunkers design, manufacture and assembly are listed here.

Silos and bunkers with conic or flat bottoms

Silo design with conic bottom

Traditionally, silos with conical bottoms are produced with relatively small volumes for short-term product storage (in comparison with flat ones).

The roof is constructed from the stiffeners and trapezium sectors. The connection is made by using bolts and sealing polymeric gaskets.

The conic bottom consists of separate metal trapezoidal sectors, inclined to each other at an angle of 45°, 55° or 65°.

All the produced silos and bunkers meet requirements of RF rules and standards which ensure long and safe service life.

How to order silos or bunkers manufacture at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

In order to buy a silo or bunker, You can:

  • fill in the Questionnaire and send it at e-mail
  • contact the Sales Department at 8-800-555-9480
  • use the "Request for quotation" form, provide contact information, and our specialist will contact you