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Silo, bunkers and tanks for different purpose

Rectangular tanks

Silos for granular materials

Silos for liquids

Silos for bulk materials

Surge tanks

Non-pressure tanks

Pressure tanks

Hot wells

Tanks for CHP-plants, NPGS and HPP

Stainless steel tanks

The Saratov Resevoir Plant produces silo, bunkers, containers and tanks for various purposes.

Among the manufactured equipment we offer:

  • silo for various processing medium: liquids, granulated materials, bulk materials
  • pressure and non-pressure tanks
  • hot wells
  • tanks for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, HEPP
  • stainless water tanks
  • pressure accumulators, thermal receivers
  • surge tanks
  • rectangular tanks for water and oil products

All products are made both as per standard design solutions, and individual needs of the Customer.

Production of silo and bunkers

Silo structure

Steel silo and bunkers are used as a multifunctional storage facility in agriculture, construction and food industry, in at production sites for receiving, storing and dispensing bulk substances, such as sand, cement, gypsum, lime, grain, flour and other fine granular material. They can be installed as stand-alone, and represent a single set of silo buildings.

The bunkers differes by dosed unloading and loading of the product, its protection from external influence, moistureproofness, etc. Depending on the volume they are delivered to the construction site assembled, which reduces the cost of transportation and installation.

The Saratov Resevoir Plant manufactures silo of galvanized, carbon, stainless and black steel, depending on the stored material: galvanized steel - for cement, stainless steel - for food products, black steel - for sand.

To provide corrosion resistance, sheet metal is treated by hot dip galvanization (according to GOST 52246-2004 «Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal. Technical conditions»).

Metal structures can be manufactured in two ways: plate-by-plate method and rolling method depending on the volume. All the elements are made of steel sheets with a thickness of 0.8-12 mm depending on the capacity and diameter. Steel sheets are joined by welding or bolts. The way of fastening of elements shall provide the maximum tightness of all metalwork.

SARRZⓇ produces silo with the volume from 5 m3 to 1000 m3.

Silo up to 50 m3 are manufactured by the plate-by-plate method, i.e. they have dimensions ready for transportation. Silo of more than 50 m3 are prefabricated or manufactured by rolling method. In the latter case, the shell is manufactured at the factory, then rolled into rolls and delivered to the installation site.

The manufacturing process and design are taken on the basis of design performance, load-carrying capability and customer's requirements. The gravity load, the weight of the stored material, wind and snow loads, earthquake conditions are taken into account. To maintain vertical stability, silo and bunkers are provided with stiffeners made of corrugated sheet (in accordance with the "Recommendations for strengthening and repair of engineering structures").

Design, manufacture and installation of silo are subject to:

  • SNiP 2.09.03-85 "Structures of manufacturing facilities»
  • SNiP 2.10.05-85 "Enterprises, buildings and structures for grain storage and processing»
  • GOST 25627-83 "Reinforced concrete structures of silo constructions of grain elevators and mills. General specifications»

Tanks and containers for various purposes manufacture

The Saratov Resevoir Plant produces vertical, horizontal and rectangular tanks, which can be operated under pressure or under loading (atmospheric pressure). If it is necessary to maintain the operating temperature of the processing medium, some tanks can be equipped with a steam jacket, electric or tubing coil (internal or external).

The volume of produced tanks varies depending on their purpose:

  • pressure accumulators, thermal receivers-up to 30 m3
  • pressure and non-pressure tanks-up to 32 m3
  • hot wells-up to 100 m3
  • tanks and containers for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants - up to 1000 m3
  • stainless steel tanks-up to 10 m3

Containers, receivers and tanks are produced from steel grades which best meet the operational requirements. Thus, carbon, alloy and stainless steel is used. All the tanks (except for the tanks for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and HEPP of large volume) are delivered to the operating site pre-assembled and equipped with technological equipment.

When shell and bottom thickness design corrosion allowance is taken into account, and the inner surface is treated with protective coatings.

How to order silo or bunkers manufacture at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

In order to buy a silo or bunker, You may:

  • fill in the Questionnaire and send it at e-mail
  • contact the Sales Department at +7(8452)250-288
  • use the "Request for quotation" form, provide contact information, and our specialist will contact you