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The Saratov Rezervoir Plant mission

The Saratov Reservoir Plant, being a large manufacturer of tanks and other metal structures for both oil-and-gas industry and civil engineering, is aimed at continuous improvement and modernization of production capacities, so that the produced tanks and metal structures are of high quality.

Offering to our Customers the products manufactured at the Plant, we always mean innovative production methods. Self-improvement, development and self-realization are the priority goals of our employees who regularly attend advanced training courses, conferences and seminars to always be aware of developments in the field of metal structures production in Russia and abroad.

By manufacturing high quality tanks and vessels, we can guarantee their safety and reliability in case of following equipment operating procedures.

The combination of production technologies and innovative business solutions allows the Saratov Reservoir Plant to stand out among other enterprises, as we managed to create a single team of experienced employees and young professionals with their prompt actions. Having provided them with a powerful production base, we produce, and our Customers receive quality tanks, vessels, vertical silos and metal structures for various purposes.