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About the Plant

The Saratov Reservoir Plant is a modern industrial enterprise, whose activities are focused on the design and manufacture of steel tanks, vessels and containers of different purposes. For convenience of the Customer, we also deliver self-engineered and manufactured products to any region of Russia and the CIS country.

The Company's specialists also perform related services — steel structures and steel detailed structures design, engineering surveys, as well as installation and construction works at oil and gas facilities.

Decades of experience allowed to create the optimum direction of production which is presented in the section "Product line" on our website. Technical characteristics of products are calculated at design taking into account operating conditions, medium characteristics, equipment requirements, as well as features of technological processes at the enterprise of the oil or gas industry.

The production capacity of the Saratov Reservoir Plant

For tank and vessels manufacturing we equipped workshop with modern high-performance equipment: plasma cutter, bending machine, machining tools, welding units, turn-milling machines, rolling-up machine. More information about the production facilities can be found on our website.

Production process includes preproduction of the metal (metal bending, metal cutting), metal working, machining, anticorrosive materials covering, welding and assembly of steel structures.

Manufacturing process of metal structures (tanks, vessels, separators, etc.) is constructed with account of carrying out a full range of tanks and vessels supply that allows Customers to purchase a qualitative product with the maximum compliance with needs and requirements of industrial facility.

Tanks and steel structures design at the Plant SARRZ

Referring to our Plant, it is possible to order in addition:

  • tank, vessels and metal structures design;
  • costimating.

Vessel equipment production is carried out both upon type design, and according to Customer drawings.

Manufactured goods delivery

When ordering steel tanks, vessels or other metal structures, we also can deliver finished products to the construction site.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant supplies equipment both throughout Russia including Moscow, Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Perm) and to facilities in the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus).

Certificates and permits for the metal structures production

The quality of manufactured products is guaranteed by the presence of all necessary permission documentation for the manufacture of metal products:

  • The quality management system ISO 9000;
  • Certificate of conformity to industrial safety requirements of tanks and vessels;
  • CU TR declaration of conformity of the produced tanks to the requirements "On safety of machines and equipment";
  • Certificates of conformity GOST R on horizontal and vertical tanks, silos, underground tanks, LPG storage vessels, welded steel structures, etc.

Advantages of self-produced of tanks at Saratov Reservoir Plant SARRZ

  • we control the entire process — starting from the design up to the stage of equipment delivery to facilities throughout Russia;
  • we employ design engineers, welders, fitters, assemblers and other staff who are professionals in their field;
  • the price of the finished product without commissions intermediaries - we perform a full range of manufacturing services, so we do not need to contact third parties;
  • the equipment will meet the expectations as accurately as possible, as the design and manufacture is carried out on modern equipment.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant is open for mutually beneficial working relationship!