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Business values of the the Saratov Reservoir Plant are at the core of successful functioning of the team sharing in the common cause. Understanding and acceptance of values helps to build a well-coordinated work throughout the manufacture process, from the receipt of order to the delivery of produced goods.

The most highly-valued issues are:

The first value is the Team

1. Team

  • An important part of success lies in coordinated decisions making and competent communication between all departments of the SARRZ plant
  • Joint discussions help to combine the real-life experience of several specialists and provide an opportunity to consider a project in all its bearings, without missing out a single important detail
  • The personnel policy of the SARRZ plant is aimed at each employee fulfilment, so regular staff training and upgrade training courses are organized
The second value is responsibility

2. Reliability

  • The Plant SARRZ produces tanks, vessels and containers for oil and gas, chemical and oil refining industries. Each equipment item meets fire safety requirements
  • The main priority is the preservation of workers' health and safety at work, for these reasons safety measures are worked out
  • Quality rating is carried out at all manufacturing stages and starts with the incoming quality control
The third value is Customer loyalty

3. Customer loyalty

  • Customer loyalty is an achievement that can only be obtained by fulfilling the obligations and agreement terms hundred per cent
  • Capability to find the optimal solution and execute it taking into account the specifics of the site are the key toward a long and mutually beneficial cooperation
  • The SARRZ Plant has justified large companies` confidence manufacturing of various tanks and vessels, designing, upgrading and retooling of oil and gas facilities, and constructing them.

SARRZ values is a corporate behaviour, intercommunication between employees and expression of the shared ideas. Due to following the unified principles, employees are united in a multi-segment team, able to successfully solve complex and challenging tasks.