Saratov Reservoir Plant-a reliable tanks and vessels
manufacturer and supplier

Our company is engaged in the production, design and installation of tanks and storage equipment for various purposes. The equipment considers the method of placement and operation features at oil and gas, chemical, food or agricultural enterprises. The maximum capacity of produced vessels up to 50000 m3.

We produce tanks according to type designs, as well as Custom design or drawings.

The production process is built in accordance with the requirements of the Quality management system ISO 9001-2015, which guarantees constant monitoring at all technological stages. The technical and software equipment of the plant makes it possible to manufacture equipment that meets not only the requirements of Russian reference documents, but also international API standards.

The cost of manufacturing tanks, vessels and other metal structures at the Saratov Reservoir Plant

Our Plant performs a complete cycle for the supply of metal structures for various purposes: tanks, vessels and other containers without the involvement of dealers.

Production facilities of SARRZ include all necessary equipment, including sheet bending machines, plasma cutting machines, turn-milling machines. Due to the established internal logistics and competent organization of production processes, the cost of intermediary services is excluded from the cost of manufactured equipment. Thus, we offer competitive prices for the full range of produced tanks and vessels.

We guarantee output quality due to:

  • a team of responsible and professional staff with solid grounding: design engineers, designers, shop personnel (welders, painters, turners, milling cutters), installers
  • implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015
  • availability of licenses, certificates, declarations of the conformance of produced tanks and vessels with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of machinery and equipment"
  • quality control at all stages of production (input control of rolled stock, Technical Regulations adherence, weld inspection, etc.), which ensures the safe operation of tanks throughout their service life
  • strict compliance of produced tanks with state norms and rules, as well as with international standards

Referring the specialists of the Saratov Reservoir Plant, we guarantee that you will receive the ordered equipment on time, which will be used safely at your facility for a long time. Confirmation of this is the numerous Customers and partners feedback on long-term cooperation.

Competitive advantages of the Saratov Reservoir Plant

  • PRICE and TERMS: we guarantee the low cost of tank and vessels fabrication and erection without dealer margins in accordance with the delivery deadlines
  • QUALITY: all works are performed taking into account the implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015
  • LICENSE: availability of certificates and declarations of compliance, licenses, approvals SRO guarantees compliance of work to the requirements of state standards of the Russian Federation

We constantly monitor the emergence of advanced manufacturing technologies, successfully introduce them in production, thus having the opportunity to meet any Customers needs.

How to buy a tank, vessel and other metal structures at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

To order, pricing or purchase a tank and industrial steel structures, You can:

  • call the Plant at 8-800-555-9480
  • send an email request at
  • send filled Questionnaire or Technical enquiry at


Delivery at
installation site

Easy mounting



Producibility of
any unit sizes

Easy servicing









Delivery around RF and CIS

The Customs Union





More than 5 000 tones of
released products per year





Own non-destructive
testing laboratory



Custom design

Personel approach


Product line

Vertical tanks

Vertical steel cylindrical tanks for aboveground storage and transfer of petroleum products, water and other liquids

Bulk capacity vessels

Horizontal and vertical all-welded capacity vessels for liquids and gaseous fluids storage under pressure

Horizontal tanks

Aboveground or underground horizontal steel cylindrical tanks for petroleum products storage undr pressure; fire tanks

Vessels for LPG

Horizontal aboveground or underground vessels (gasholders) with elliptical heads for liquefied petroleum gases LPG storage

Underground drain vessels

Underground horizontal steel drain vessels for petroleum products and industrial effluents storage under pressure and without

Double-wall horizontal tanks

Aboveground and underground cylindrical double-wall steel tanks for petroleum products storage; tanks with protective wall, "vessel-in-a-vessel"

Hot water tanks

Buffer tanks (horizontal or vertical) for hot water storage and maintainance its temperature at heating and hot water systems

Tank equipment

Main equipment for safe and long-life operation of tanks, vessels, gasholder and other containers for petroleum products storage

Air vessels and gas receivers

Vertical and horizontal air vessels and receivers for pressure decrease and condensate collection

Silo, bunkers and tanks

Steel vertical cylindrical or rectangular vessel for grain, cement, flour, sand and other bulk solids storage

Stirred vessels

Vertical all-welded or split stirred vessels (vessels with agitator) with elliptical and flat heads for emulsification, suspension, homogenization, chemical reactions

Gas-oil separators

Horizontal and vertical gas-oil separators, sedimentation tanks, oil, gas and water treatment equipment and separation facilities

Tank pontoons

Metal and aluminum pontoons for vertical storage tanks