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Quality management system at the Saratov Reservoir Plant

ISO 9000-2015 certificate (rus.)
Saratov Rezervoir Plant ISO 9000-2015 certificate

The tanks and vessels production, as well as their design and installation, is a complex, comprehensive process in which all the Plant's personnel participate without exception. In order to ensure effective cooperation of all the structures of the Plant to improve the quality of the output products, the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015 has been implemented and now successfully operates at the Saratov Reservoir Plant.

The production process at the Plant is a hierarchical multi-level and interactive structure with a set of parallel and subordinate subsystems and elements (divisions). Each subsystem performs its function, contributing to the achievement of a common goal - increasing the competitiveness of manufactured products. In order to organize well-coordinated work of all the structures, the QMS Quality System was specially developed and implemented at the Plant, taking into account the specifics of our activities.

The following items were developed for each structural unit (department):

  • policy in the field of quality, that is, goals and objectives are set
  • methods and principles for achieving the objectives
  • performance evaluation criteria

To comply with all quality management programs, the system and process approaches are used to view the enterprise's activities as a set of all involved structures and their distribution and cooperation both horizontally and vertically. Thus the main structures are:

  • purchase department
  • design department
  • production department
  • department of technical control and quality control
  • engineering department
  • logistics department
  • HR department
  • financial department
  • commercial department, etc.

The guarantor of compliance with the implemented Quality management system at the Plant is the Director of the Saratov Reservoir Plant Mikhail Gamayunov. Effective work of each department is led by the heads of the relevant departments who plan, organize, motivate and supervise the work of all employees in accordance with the developed system.

The presence of a large number of major and permanent Customers, as well as their positive feedback on our partnership, prove that the Quality management system allows us to manage all the processes efficiently, which leads to the production of high-competitive tanks and vessels, as well as high-quality installation and other related services.

Applying and following the existing Quality Management System, the Saratov Reservoir Plant has achieved:

  • financial stability
  • increase in output due to optimization of all production processes
  • product differentiation (see Product Catalogue)
  • reduction of manufactured steel structures cost
  • quality improvement of manufactured products and performance of design and installation works quality.