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Pre-design engineering

Pre-design engineering is the so-called preparatory phase before the start of survey, design, engineering and construction works. Before making decision whether to start engineering, procurement and construction of the facility or its brownfield upgrade/site renovation, it is necessary to determine what the prospects and risks of this project.

The Engineering department of the Saratov Reservoir Plant will perform all the necessary work and provide reliable and objective information that will allow business owners to make the right decision.

Pre-design engineering by SARRZAny turnkey project is considered as an investment project and is analyzed from the point of view of its economic perspective and engineering component. As part of the standard operating procedure* for pre-design engineering the following works are performed:

  • development of the Basic Technical Solution (BTS);
  • technical and economic substantiation of investment (TEOI);
  • front-end engineering;
  • process audit at the facility.

As part of the pre-design analysis, the following works are performed to determine the effectiveness of the construction/brownfield upgrade/site renovation of oil and gas and chemical facilities:

  • providing optimum alternatives of the project implementation;
  • calculation of the term and cost of the project implementation, taking into account the requirements and capabilities of the facility owner;
  • calculation of project profitability;
  • project implementation plan development;
  • risk recognition when choosing a particular alternative of the project implementation.

A detailed study and project evaluation from the point of view of the economic perspective and engineering capabilities will allow the business owner/ investor, as well as the contractor, to reduce the risks of designing / building of inefficient and technically challenging or not implemented projects.

Performing pre-design engineering our specialists will offer you the most improvable alternative of the project implementation in terms of economic feasibility and technical effectiveness. The formation of the strategy of the facility design/constructionis the main aim of pre-design engineering.

How can You inquire pre-design engineering of the investment project?

In order to find out the cost of pre-design engineering You may:

  • send the technical specifications for execution of works by email
  • use the form "Order a service", specify the contact detail to be in touch with You
  • call us at 8-800-555-9480

*you may inquire the full list of pre-design works by calling the phone line 8-800-555-9480