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Samplers are a variety of sampling devices that are used for crude oil and liquefied petroleum gases sampling from surface and underground tanks and vessels to determine their quality. The choice of type depends on the sampling method and purpose. For example, in the process of liquids storing, it may be necessary to take a sample from the upper or lower layers, or from several layers at a time, or there is a need to determine the average values of the stored liquid.

Application rules, operating conditions, the design of samplers supplied by the Saratov Reservoir Plant meet the requirements of the following state standards:

  • GOST 2517-2012 "Oil and oil products. Sampling methods";
  • GOST 13196-93 "Level-measuring devices and sampling of oil and petroleum products"
  • GOST 31873-2012 "Oil and petroleum products. Manual sampling methods"
  • GOST 14921-78 "Liquified petroleum gases. Sampling methods (as amended № 1, 2, 3)"

Thus, in accordance with the rules, there are the following structural designs of samplers:

  • stationary
  • portable
  • automatic
  • manual (hand-held)

General technical specifications of application conditions

  • pressure - up to 25 MPa
  • the maximum depth of sampling - 25 m
  • speed of sampling - up to 200 mm/min.
  • operating temperature - from 50°C to +100°C
  • density - up to 1200 kg/m3
  • kinematic viscosity - up to 0.60 m2/s and more
  • measurement error - up to ±20 mm or 5%

Types, principle of action and design of oil samplers

Depending on the purpose the Plant SARRZ offers to provide vertical tanks with the following types of samplers:

  • hand-held sampler PO
  • stationary partitioned sampling apparatus PCR and PСRP
  • stationary three-level decreased sampler PSRT for point sampling from three pre-set levels
  • stationary sampler PSPR with float for layer-by-layer sampling
  • float sampler PP for layer-by-layer sampling from three levels
  • portable sampler PPN for truck or railway tanks and horizontal tanks
  • stationary sampler PSR OT of an organ type, with the possibility of sampling from the 31 levels

Hand-held samplers PO

They ensure the safety of the oil sample, allow to sample at any height, eliminate the occurrence of disturbances on the oil level and do not effect other stationary equipment.

PO samplers are manufactured in climatic category N and NF.

Drawing Criteria PO–1 PO–2
Sampler PO scheme Overall dimensions, mm, max
diameter D 74 72
height H 250 215
Weight, kg, max 1.15 1,.2

Stationary partitioned sampling apparatus PCR and PСRP

Partitioned samplers are used for composite (integrated) sampling at any height of oil level. Samplers PСRP are used with tanks with a pontoon or a floating roof. They are installed through a manhole (for RVS with a fixed roof) or a pontoon pipe and can be operated at a pressure of up to 0.7 MPa.

The sampling process is semi-automatic.

High quality and purity of the sample is ensured by the ingress of the operating medium into the gathering device through separate bleed-off columns, and then the outlet pipeline. The tubes are installed at different depths, sample and deliver oil sample to the holding tank for integral analysis.

Structurally stationary partitioned samplers PСR (PСRP) consist of the bottom, center and top sections, which are connected by socked joint. When sampling from one of the levels, the ball valve is closed and shuts off the the liquid flow from the other levels.


PСR Sampler Bottom section of PСR Center section of PСR Top section of PСR
PCR drawing Bottom section drawing Center section drawing Top section drawing

Stationary partitioned samplers PСRP drawing

Sampler PСRP Bottom section of PСRP Center section of PСRP Top section of PСRP
Sampler PСRP drawiing Bottom section drawing Center section drawing Top section drawing

They can be used in climatic category N and NF, placement category 1.

The number of sections, weight and length depend on the tank capacity.

Criteria PСR PСRP PСRP–1
Diameter nominal DN 15
Sample volume in 1 m of sampling column, l 0.150 ±0.005
Time of samling, min, max 5
Fluid viscosity, S, max 5,5 5
Fluid temperature, °С
min -40
max +80
Kinematic viscosity, S, max 11
Hydrostatic pressure, MPa, max 0.16
Inside diameter of guide column, mm - 240 200
Overall dimensions, mm, max:
length 710 1435 1435
width 450 450 450
Tank height, m Disignation Number of sections Height, mm, max Н Weight, kg, max
bottom center top
17…18 PСR-17 (PСRP–17) 1 7 1 18100 (18050) 230 (221)
15…16 PСR–15 (PСRP–15) 1 6 1 16100 (16050) 212 (203)
13…14 PСR-13 (PСRP–13) 1 5 1 14100 (14050) 194 (184)
11…12 PСR-11 (PСRP–11) 1 4 1 12100 (12050) 176 (165)
9…10 PСR-9 (PСRP–9) 1 3 1 10100 (10050) 158 (146)
7…8 PСR-7 (PСRP–7) 1 2 1 8100 (8050) 139 (127)
5…6 PСR-5 (PСRP–5) 1 1 1 6100 (6050) 121 (108)
4 PСR-4 (PСRP–4) 1 1 section with two outlet cocks 4100 (4050) 103 (103)

Stationary three-level decreased sampler PSRT

The PSR-T sampler is a stationary decreased three-level device that provide point sampling from three levels. The model range is represented by the following modifications:

  • PSRT-1 for tanks without pontoon
  • PSRPT-1 for tanks with steel, aluminum or block pontoon
  • PSRT-1D for double wall tanks without pontoon
  • PSRPT-1D for double wall tanks with a pontoon
  • PSRT-1TK - with a thermal chamber for high-viscosity oil products sampling

PSRT allows to sample at three different oil level, regardless of the volume due to its design, consisting of one or two knee sections (depending on the height), the upper part of which is attached to the float or pontoon, and the lower - to the wall of the tank or the pontoon support . The liquid is taken from a distance of at least 2.5 сm from the bottom and the top filling level and in the center. The nozzle with a back valve on each pipe allows tubes cleaning and purging.

Installation diagram Criteria PSRT-1 PSRPT-1
PSRT drawing Filling level, m 10.5 11.5; 17.5
Tank diameter, m 15.2 10.4...45.6
Intake pipe diameter, mm 7 15
Outlet cock diameter, mm 15 15
Diameter of outlet cock nozzle, mm 140 140
Section length
bottom 1.25Н 0.625Н
top - 0.625Н
Shell heigh Н, m up to 20 up to 20
Ambient temperature, °С -50...+60 -50...+60
Mounting flange flange I-125-16 st 20 GOST 12820-80  
Overall dimensions in parts, mm, max
length L 4100 5800
width В 950 540
height Н 700 220
Overall dimensions in place, mm, max
length L 1050 11500
width В 12000 540
height Н 1300 250
Weight, kg, max 50 100


Stationary samplers PSPR (PSPRP, PSPRPS) are used for layer-by-layer sampling and can be operated under high pressure. Sampling is carried out in the selected pipeline after the petroleum products unloading. The sample is gathered in the receiving container through the drain tube.

Scheme of sampler PSPRP Criteria Value
for VST (vertical steel tank)-2000 for VST (vertical steel tank)-5000
Scheme of sampler PSPRP Diameter nominal of sample pipes, mm 10 10
Fluid viscosity, S, max 4 4
Fluid temperature, °С –50 … +95
Oil level, mm, max 10000 11000
Overall dimensions, mm, max 14000×2700×1200 15000×2700×1200
Weight, kg, max 780

Float samplers PP

Their peculiarity is the possibility of both point and composite sampling from three different levels. Each sample goes through an intake pipe, a intake valve and a storage container to the outlet cock. Sampling takes place after pumping-over the supernatant oil in the intake pipe, which guarantees the loss free sampling and purity of samples.

We supply various modifications of float samplers:

  • PPP samplers for tanks with floating roof or pontoon
  • PPD samplers for double wall tanks

Sampling is carried out evenly: the upper sample - at a distance of 250 mm from the oil level, the lower - at a distance of 250 mm from the bottom, the middle - in the middle. It is also possible to set up sampling at heights specified by the operator.

Sample draining may occur by gravity flow or be forced.

Cleaning of intake tubes can be performed without tank emptying due to the intake safety shutdown device.

It is possible to operate floating samples PPP/PPD in cold climates, for what a heating system of external elements is provided.

Scheme of Float sampler PP Criteria PP PPD
Float sampler drawing Diameter nominal, mm 15; 25
Sample volume in 1 m of sampling column, l, max 0.3
Time of samling, min, max 10
Fluid viscosity, S, max 1,1
Fluid temperature, °С from -40 to +80
Hydrostatic pressure, MPa, max 0.25
Shell height, m, max 18
Connection sizes, мм (WхHхL) 2450х17235х780 2700х12000х780
Weight, kg, max 340 360

Portable sampler PPN

They are used for truck or railway tanks, horizontal tanks and other vessels with a depth up to 3.5 m. They are made of stainless steel, which makes no bliz from wall friction. The principle of action is in pulling down a cord to the set depth, filling the body with liquid, closing the fluoroplastic plug and lifting the device.

The length of the cord, depending on the modification is from 3.5 m to 10 m. The volume of the metal body varies from 0.15 l to 1 l.

Stationary sampler PSR oT of an organ type

Stationary partitioned samplers PSR OT of an organ type allow to take a point sample at different levels, and the integrated one, which is mixed in the mixing tank for subsequent analysis. Structurally, they appear as several columns that take samples with a difference of 1 m from each other in height. It is also possible to customize the heights. Cleanliness is guaranteed by gathering the operating medium in a separate column.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant supplies vertical tanks with the following modifications of samplers PSR OT of an organ type:

  • PSRp OT for tanks with a pontoon or floating roof
  • PSR OTd for double-walled tanks
  • PSR OTm for viscous oil
Sampler PSR Ot scheme Criteria Value
Sampler PSR Ot drawing Diameter nominal, mm 15
Time of samling, min, max 10
Fluid viscosity, S, max 1.1
Fluid temperature, °С from -40 to +80
Hydrostatic pressure, MPa, max 0.16
Shell height, m, max 17.88
Overall dimensions, mm, max: (WхHхL) 1160х16760х1150
Weight, kg, max 516

How to buy sampling of petroleum products at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

To buy the sampler that best suits Your requirements:

  • call the Plant at +7(8452)250-288
  • send operating requirements at
  • click "Request for quotation", specify the contact information, and our specialist will contact you

Plant SARRZ supplies vertical tanks of its own production with samplers of various types depending on Your requirements for the sampling process of petroleum products.


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