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Water settling tanks with liquid filter


Water settling tanks with liquid filter are intended for waste-water treatment. The water enters the tank after the produced water process units and after oil dehydration at oilfield enterprises. A special feature of this type of settling tanks is a liquid filter that allows to remove various mechanical impurities and suspended particles.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant produces water settling tanks with filters with a volume of from 50 up to 200 m3.

Design and internal arrangement of water settling tanks with liquid filter

Structurally, settling tanks are made in the form of a horizontal vessel with elliptical heads on saddle supports or legs. Manholes and fittings are located along the shell for installing the necessary technological equipment: operating medium inlet and outlet pipes, drainage, gas outlet, pressure gauges, level gauges, safety valve, etc. The equipment composition is selected at the design stage and depends on the Customer's requirements and features of the technological process on the site.

There is a distribution unit inside the water settling tank, through which waste water enters the tank and goes onto the filter surface in single splits. A hydrophobic liquid filter is a layer of oil that "captures" and collects oil particles and any suspended particles contained in water. When the filter absorbs the maximum possible amount of oil, it (the filter) is removed from the tank. The treated water is collected under a liquid filter, and mechanical impurities are separated from the water by hydrostatic pressure.

Performance capability of the water settling tanks with liquid filter

Criteria Value
Processing medium waste and oilfield water with oil and mechanical impurities 
Capacity, m3 50-200
Processing capacity, m3/day up to 15000
Process pressure, MPa 1.0
Operating medium temperature, ºС -60 ... +200
Material 09G2S
Shell thickness, mm, max 10-12
Heads thickness, mm, max 12-16
Ambient temperature, ºС -40...+60
Climatic category NF
Seismicity, points uo to 8
Service life, years up to 20

Water settling tank with liquid filter drawing

1-shell, 2-sliding support, 3-fixed support, 4-level transmitter, 5-medium inlet, 6-medium output, 7-gas outlet, 8-drainage, 9-safety valve, 10-pressure gauge, 11, 12-manhole, 13-oil discharge, 14-low level and alarm level indicator, 15-slinging attachment, 16-earthing grip, 17-nameplate, 18-inner ladder, 21-plastics, 22-saddle clip, 31-screw-bolt

Water settling tank with liquid filter drawing

Nozzle schedule

Designation Assignment Nominal size DN, mm Nominal pressure PN, MPa
А1 level transmitter 200 1.6
А2 medium inlet 200 1.6
Б medium outlet 200 1.6
В gas outlet 80 1.6
Г drainage 150 1.6
Е safety valve 200 1.6
М pressure gauge 25 1.6
П1 manhole 500 1.6
П2 manhole 500 1.6
Р oil discharge 50 1.6
Ц1 oil low level indicator 65 1.6
Ц2 oil alarm level indicator 65 1.6

How to buy water settling tank with liauid filter?

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