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Vertical apparatus with conic heads (VKK)



Vertical apparatus with conic heads VKK are used in oil and gas, chemical or food industries for receiving, storing and dispensing liquid operational product. The product is stored at a pressure of up to 0.7 MPa. Product is dispensed by gravity flow.

Construction of Vertical bulk capacity vessels with conic heads

It’s an apparatus with all-welded vertical cylindrical body and conic heads and hatch cover.

There are technological hatches and openings for installing equipment, filling and draining the liquid and input/output of steam and condensate on the shell.

Technological equipment is selected according to the individual order, depending on the purpose and operating conditions. At the Customer's request, the equipment may include detectors of the upper and lower levels, temperature, pressure detectors, etc.

Shells and heads can be thermally insulated, and a heat exchanger can be installed inside to maintain the operating temperature.

Thermal insulation can be made of rock wool board and protective cover, as well as polyurethane foam, that’s a modern and reliable means with additional anti-corrosive protection of the external surface.

Heaters and heat exchangers are selected on the basis of ATC 24.218.07-90 "External and internal heat exchangers for vessels and apparatus." General technical specification".

This type of vessels is installed vertically on metal supports, the height of which is calculated during the design development.

Manufacture of Vertical apparatus with conic heads at Saratov Reservoir Plant

The Saratov Reservoir Plant has the necessary Certificates of Conformity for the production of vessels of any sizes and purpose.

Vertical vessels VKK are made of various materials based on operating conditions and environmental characteristics:

  • stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т
  • stainless steel AISI 304, Russian analogue 08H18N10
  • low-alloyed grades 09G2S, 16GS, 10G2
  • carbon steel St3sp

All welded seams are made by semi-automatic welding. At the end of the work, weld inspection is carried out in accordance with the production program. Hydraulic tests are carried out to check the tightness.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant produces VKK in any complete sets. Below you can see the drawing of vertical vessel VKK, designed for storing of fat.

VKK drawing with a volme of 9 m3

VKK drawing produced by SARRZ

Nozzle schedule

Designation Application Diameter, mm Pressure, MPa Outreach of nozzles, mm
B hatch 500 - 200
V product inlet 50 1,6 200
E product outlet 50 1,6 200
D air vent 50 0,25 200
G for steaming 100 1,6 200
H1 for top level gauge 50 1,6 200
H2 for lower level gauge 50 1,6 200
K for temperature detector 50 1,6 200
L1 steam inlet 25 1,6 150
L2 condensate outlet 25 1,6 150
M for pressure detector 50 1,6 150

Technical characteristics* of Vertical apparatus with conic heads with a volume of 9 m3

Parameters Value
1 Nominal volume, m3 9
2 Heads conic
3 Operational product density, kg/m3 up to 950
4 Shell maximum temperature, ºС +70
5 Internal extra pressure for filling
6 Shell minimum temperature, ºС -35
7 Expected service life, years 20
8 Steel grade of main constructions AISI 304
9 Heat exchanger if required
10 Thermal insulation if required
11 Overall size, mm ( Diameter x Height with heads) 2130х3550

*drawing, characteristics, location and application of the fittings may differ and are given for reference

The summary table of technical characteristics of bulk capacity vessels of different types you can found here.

How to find out the cost of the vertical vessels with conic heads of our production?

The cost depends on the volume, design (with / without heater, with thermal insulation / without) and operating conditions.

In order to calculate the price of a vertical apparatus with conic heads, You can:

  • call at 8-800-555-9480
  • fill in Questionnaire and send it at e-mail
  • use the "Request for quotation" form, provide contact information for contacting you

Specialists of the Plant perform package of services on design and construction of oil industry facilities at prices without intermediaries.


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