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Vertical apparatus with elliptical bottoms and "jacket" (VEE)


Vertical apparatus with a "jacket" (VEE) are used in oil and gas and chemical industries. They are used both for storage of various liquids, and for the loading-unloading operations. A distinctive feature is the presence of a jacket that can perform a dual function: to heat or cool the stored product. This is necessary for viscous media or when the ambient temperature drops to the minimum when natural drainage is difficult.

The discharge of the working product occurs both by gravity and by compressed gases displacement (air, process or inert gas).

Operating condition of all-welded vertical vessels with elliptical bottoms and "jacket"

  • designed for tropical, temperate and cold climates
  • ambient temperature: -60°С ... +50°С
  • for storage and delivery: petroleum products, oils, petroleum lubricants, chemicals, food products, gases
  • pressure: 1 MPa
  • heat carrier pressure in "jacket": 0.6 MPaа
  • seismicity: up to 6 points
  • aboveground disposal only

Construction of vertical apparatus with elliptical bottoms and "jacket"

Apparatus VEE are all-welded vessels with elliptical bottoms. There is a so-called jacket for permanent or temporary heating or cooling of the stored liquid in the housing.

The vessels are mounted on leg- or lug-supports.

Manufacture of all-welded vertical apparatus with elliptical bottoms and "jacket"

The Saratov Reservoir Plant has the necessary Certificates of Conformity for the manufacture of apparatus and vessels for various purposes.

Vessels VEE with a "jacket" of the following nominal volumes are manufactured at SARRZ: 1 m3; 2 m3; 3.2 m3; 5 m3; 6.3 m3; 10 m3.

The apparatus are fabricated of different steel grades depending on the operating conditions and customer requirements:

  • carbon steel
  • acid-resistant steel 12Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т, 10Х17Н13М3Т, 06ХН28МDТ (EI 943)
  • low-alloy steel 09G2S, 16GS, 10G2

Our plant produces VEE apparatus with a "jacket" in accordance with accepted state standards:

  • OST 26-291-94 "Vessels and welded steel vessels. General specifications"
  • GOST 9931-85 "Cylindrical steel welded vessels and apparatus housings"
  • GOST R 52857-2007 "Vessels and Apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. General requirements"

Command terms for order

VEE-11- 32 - 53 - 1,04 - vertical vessel with elliptical bottoms 1 all-welded 2 with a "jacket" 3 nominal volume of 5 m3 and 4 pressure of 1.0 MPa

Drawing of all-welded vertical apparatus with elliptical bottoms and a "jacket"

VEE vessel with a jacket drawing

Overall sizes

Designation Volume, m3 Operating volume, m3 Heat
area, m2
Weight, kg D D3 L B H D2 L B H
Leg supports Lug supports
VEE1-3-1-1,0 1 0,93 3,6 910-940 1000 1000 1330 1255 1945 1315 1355 1355 1945
VEE1-3-2-1,0 2 1,8 4,7 1300-140 1200 1200 1505 1445 2395 1545 1640 1640 2375
VEE1-3-3,2-1,0 3,2 3 7,2 960-2180 1400 1360 1680 1630 2900 1745 1900 1900 2880
VEE1-3-5-1,0 5 4,4 10,1 3030-3320 1600 1510 1850 1800 3575 2000 2090 2090 3470
VEE1-3-6,3-1,0 6,3 5,8 13,2 3700-4250 2000 2010 2280 2270 4275 2570 2690 2690 4175
VEE1-3-10-1,0 10 9,3 17,3 5690-6750 4525 4415

Nozzle schedule

Designation Assignment
А hatch
B product inlet
V product oulet
G overtop
D for calm down pipe
Е for safety valve
J for pressure gauge
C for level indicator
К for level gauge
L for thermometer
M reserve
Н coolant inlet
P coolant outlet
U air inlet and outlet (in a jacket)

The summary table of technical characteristics of bulk capacitive apparatus you can see here.

How to order a vertical apparatus VEE with a "jacket" at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

If you want to buy a vertical vessel VEE with a "jacket", you can:

  • call at +7(8452)250-288
  • download the Questionnaire, fill it out and send it at the e-mail
  • use the "Request for quotation" form, provide contact information, and our specialist will contact you to clarify the request

Our specialists carry out complex services:

  • supply of oil and gas industries with equipment of its own production
  • engineering surveys at sites
  • design of oil industry facilities
  • installation of the supplied equipment


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