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The Saratov Reservoir Plant offers customized metalworking production, and performs metalwork for its own needs (for example, in the process of manufacturing of various metal structures, tanks, vessels).

Metalworking is an important stage in the production of various large and small metal parts. There are several metal processing technologies, the common goal of which is to obtain the parts and elements of the desired size and shape.

There is a machine shop with a machining section in which the following types of work can be performed:

  • metal turning
  • metal milling

We also offer metal cold forming on pressing machines.

Metal turning

Metal turning

Turning is the cutting off of an excess layer of metal from workpieces internal and external surfaces to produce the details of the necessary size and shape. This process is carried out on metal cutting machines with incisors or on lathes.


On lathes, it is possible to produce various shapes of parts by cutting or turning: cylindrical, conical or section-shaped blanks. They are also used for turning and boring surfaces and screw cutting.

To perform turning operations, various machines are used. For example, for machining of large-sized metal blanks, a turning-and-boring lathe is used.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant has an opportunity to metal machining on lathes with a diameter of up to 1200-1400 mm and weighing up to 2.5 tons.

We perform turning operations both customized and for our own needs.

Metal milling

Metal milling

The technology of metal machining by milling is the removal of a metal layer of a given depth from the blank fed by rotating multifluted or one-shank millers. Milling is used to produce flat and shaped metal blanks.


The Saratov Reservoir Plant performs milling works for manufacturing of metal parts of various shapes and sizes. We have milling machines for milling metal blanks 1000-1100 mm long, up to 450 mm wide and weighing up to 150 kg.


Metal sand blasting

Sandblasting of the metal surface is an abrasive treatment for cleaning the metal surface from corrosion, paint, scale and other contaminants, to give it smoothness before applying various coatings (enamel, primer, paint and other). When sandblasting, abrasive particles are sprayed over the surface under the action of compressed air. As an abrasive substance in a sandblasting unit, the washed and sieved sand of a homogenous fraction is used. Sandblasting is an integral part of the quality application of protective coatings on metal structures.

Thus, having its own machine shop, the Saratov Reservoir Plant carries out the following types of metalworking:

  • turning
  • drilling
  • milling
  • boring
  • thread cutting
  • sand blasting, etc.

How to find out the cost of metalworking at the Saratov Reservoir Plant?

You can consult our specialists for receiving information about metalworking and its cost.

To do this, You may call at +7(8452)250-288 or email a Request at .

Metal machining and cold metal working are performed on time and at favorable prices.