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Developing of Metal structures and steel structures details designs

Basic (metal structures) and detailed (steel structures details) designs are the main parts of the design documentation for the manufacture of metal structures for any purpose.

The Saratov Reservoir Plant performs developing basic and detailed designs for steel vertical and horizontal tanks, underground vessels, LPG storage vessels, critical metal structures for various buildings and constructions (shops, shopping centers, hangars, warehouses, power transmission lines, etc.).

Design-and-planning engineers when carrying out design are guided by the following standards:

  • STO 02494680-0052-2005 System of Design Documentation for Construction. Metalworks. Package and execution of basic design working drawing. Technical Project Documentation
  • GOST 21.502-2007 Rules for basic and detailed engineering of metal structures

Metal structures and steel structures details design

The basic design is a general design documentation discipline, which justifies the selected geometry of the metal structure and steel for its manufacture, provides calculations, design features, and provides drawings and diagrams. Estimate documentation is based on the metal structures design. But it is impossible to produce and mount according to it. It is necessary to develop a steel structures details design, which is created on the basis of the basic design. The detailed calculation of metal structures elements, assembly or installation drawings are given in it. It also provides the characteristics of the existing equipment used for the production and assembly of metal structures.

Information for the structural steel drawing

Preparation of drawings is based on the received Technical requirements for production, in which the main operational characteristics of the future structure should be indicated and taken into account.

In the design process, the following factors are considered, which form the basis of the technical justification for the manufacture of the product:

  • purpose, and, therefore, possible loads
  • climatic operational conditions (temperature, seismicity of the area, geodesy, geology, etc.)
  • technological requirements for the installation and construction of buildings or structures
  • transportability of metal structures to the construction site

Metal structures design package

Having collected all the data, Metal structures design is developed and contains the following:

  • general data on the manufactured product
  • characteristics and parameters of external impacts and loads on the structure and its foundation
  • design concept
  • general drawings and layouts of metal structures and their components
  • rolled steel specification used for the manufacture (steel grade, profile, thickness of steel sheets, cross-section, etc.)
  • information on methods of thermal insulation
  • information on methods of corrosion protection
  • explanatory and calculation report

The basic design must undergo State expert examinations, after which detailed design is started developing.

Since the steel structures details design should include all the specifications of the available production capacity, it is often recommended to develop it at the manufacturing plants.

Steel structures details design package

The Saratov Reservoir Plant, which has staff of design-and-planning engineers, facility design engineers and estimators, and being a manufacturing plant, perform both Metal structures and Steel structures details designs.

The Steel structures detail design contains:

  • componentwise drawing of all metal structures
  • assembly scheme of the pre-fabricated elements, i.e. elements that are transported to the construction site
  • information on erection blocks and joints and bonding techniques
  • drawings and diagrams of bolts, rivets, welds

Execution of Structural steel and detailed drawings is also based on the requirements of the Standards listed above.

How to order metal structures and steel structures details design developing?

To calculate the cost of basic and detailed designs, you can contact us at +7(8452)250-288 or email the ready-made Technical requirements at .

We also carry out developing non-standard and challenging designs promptly.