Vertical vessels with conic bottoms delivery to Novy Urengoy

24 October 2016

Two vertical vessels with conic bottoms (VKK) of a volume of 30 m3 were manufactured at the Saratov Reservoir Plant and delivered at site. The vessels are supposed to be used for drinking-water storage.

The design of the vessels is vertical with conical bottoms on legs.

The vessels VKK are made with an external heater (coolant - water). The heater is necessary to maintain the operating temperature of stored water in the range from 0ºC to +20ºC.

Vessels VKK-30 will be operated at ambient temperatures from -53ºC to +30ºC.

Technical characteristics of VKK-30 for drinking-water

the working volume of each vessel - 28 m3
operating pressure in the apparatus - atmospheric
working pressure in the heater - 0.6 MPa
coolant tempetarure - +100ºC
the heat exchanger surface area - 3.3 m2
housing material - stainless steel 12X18H10T
material of supports and stiffness rings - 09G2S
material of stairs and maintenance platforms - S245
overall dimensions: diameter 3516 mm, height 4470 mm, width 4025 mm

Anticorrosive processing was carried out only on the elements made of steel 09G2S.

There are nozzles for working product inlet and outlet, overflow, coolant inlet and outlet, installation of the level gauge, thermal converter, ventilation pipe and manhole in the shell and bottoms.

Fastening of thermal insulation will be carried out at the worksite.

If You are interested in the manufacturing cost of vertical apparatuses with conic bottoms VKK, call at +7(8452)250-288 or email .