Vertical vessels for hydrogen and air storage

25 November 2020

Two vertical vessels (VEE) for hydrogen and air storage were manufactured for Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic. The vessels were designed with elliptical heads and have the capacity of 50 m3 and 120 m3. The delivery was carried out by vehicles. The vessels were shipped as and when completed.

Overall dimensions of the vessels:

  • VEE-50: length 6000 mm, diameter 3000 mm;
  • VEE-120: length 16000 mm, diameter 3000 mm.

The two vessels are produced from steel grade 09G2S. All welded joints have passed Ultra-sonic testing. The hydrotests of the VEE-50 vessel was performed with a pressure of 2.07 MPa, of the VEE-120 vessel - 1.55 MPa. For better adhesion to the paint the tanks were sandblasted.

To calculate the cost of the vertical tank erection call the Plant at +7(8452)250-288 or send technical requirements to the necessary equipment to e-mail