Vertical vessels for ethylene glycol to the Kaluga Region

22 November 2021

SARRZ has concluded an agreement on supply of the ten vertical vessels with elliptical heads for ethylene glycol storage at the facility in the Kaluga Region (Obninsk).

The six of the vessels have already been shipped to the facility.

Performance capability of the VEE type vessels

  • the capacity of each - 50 m3;
  • operating pressure 0.02 MPa;
  • operating temperature from - 5 °C to +40 °C;
  • material - steel grade 09G2S;
  • outer coating: primer-enamel "Lux" in 2 layers;
  • internal coating (including internal surfaces of fittings): isolep-oil (1 layer with a thichkness of 400mkm);
  • overall dimensions: cylindrical section thickness 8 mm, bottom thickness 12 mm, diameter 2800 mm, height 10274 mm.

The vessels are equiped with a heat exchange jacket made of steel 20. The temperature of the processing medium will be kept due to the heat transfer from the circulating heat-transfer medium (water or steam) in the insulation space at a temperature of +90 ° C.

The vessels are provided for with a manhole, a gauging hatch, fittings and pipes for the processing medium input/output, drainage, vapor input/output, nitrogen inlet, heat-transfer medium input/output, for the installation of a high level alarm, pressure/vacuum alarm, thermometer, hydrostatic level alarm, safety valve and a bulb of a direct-acting temperature-control sensor.

To calculate the cost of the vertical vessel with elliptical heads and heat exchange jacket You may call the Plant at +7(8452)250-288 or send technical requirements to the necessary equipment to e - mail .