Nitrogen receiver of a volume 100 m3 shipment

31 May 2017

Specialists of the Saratov Reservoir Plant has made nitrogen receiver of a volume of 100 m3. The receiver will be mounted vertically and used for storage of gaseous nitrogen with a density of 16 kg/m3 at the facility in the Samara region.

The receiver is made of steel 09G2S with a thickness of 12-14 mm on the basis of corrosion allowance of 2 mm. Elliptical bottoms allow to operate the receiver under pressure up to 0.8 MPa.

To protect the outer surface of the shell and the bottoms, the latter are covered with soil GF-021 and enamel PF-115, which increases the service life of more than 10 years.

There are provided two manholes, fittings and nozzles for working product inlet and outlet (up to 1000 cycles), drainage, as well as for the installation of a pressure gauge, safety valve, etc.

Overall dimensions of the nitrogen receiver of a volume of 100 m3 are: diameter 3000 mm, height 149800 mm.

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