Vertical tank for coagulated water storage

23 June 2022

A vertical tank VST-200 (200 m3) was manufactured by the Saratov Reservoir Plant for the power supply company. The tank will be used for coagulated water storage at the facility in Samara.

The vertical tank steel structures are made of steel grade 09G2S with a thickness of 6 mm, taking into account the corrosion allowance of 2 mm for the shell and bottom and 1 mm for the roof.

The shell and roof will be heat-insulated by a 100-mm heat insulation material in order to maintain the operating temperature of the stored product up to 40°C.

The tank has a stationary conical panelled roof and a bottom consisting of two rolled-up panels.

The rolled-up steel structures were protected with a primer GF-021 in one layer for a time of shipment.

The tank is provided with a manhole, inlet-distribution nozzles, overflow nozzle, ventilation and mounting nozzles.

Overall dimensions of the vertical tank with a capacity of 200 m3: diameter 6630 mm, height 5960 mm.

To calculate the cost of the vertical tank You may call the Plant at +7(8452)250-288 or send technical requirements to the necessary equipment to e - mail .