Vertical tank with a volume of 1000 m3 delivery

31 January 2017

Specialists of the Saratov Reservoir Plant has shipped metal structures of the rolled shell, bottom and conical panel roof of the vertical tank RVS-1000 m3.

The tank will be operated on the territory of the oil and gas enterprise for storage of crude oil with a density of up to 1000 kg/m3, a maximum temperature of +80°C and an internal overpressure of up to 2 kPa.

Vertical tank RVS-1000 is made of steel 09G2S. When calculating the thickness of the shell and roof of the tank, corrosion allowance of 1 mm, the presence of thermal insulation thickness of 80 mm, as well as snow and wind loads were taken into account.

The housing and the roof of the tank provides for the installation of manholes DN600 and Dn600x900 mm light hatch, branch pipes in the wall (9 PCs.) and the roof (9 PCs.). The delivery set also includes a platform with a fence on the roof and a mine ladder.

During transportation and storage all surfaces are treated with GF-021 primer in one layer.

Overall dimensions: diameter-10430 mm, shell height of 8 rings-11920 mm, loading level-11100 mm.

In order to purchase a vertical tank of any volume, call at +7(8452)250-288 or email .