Underground vessel for emergency drain transformer fluid shipment

30 June 2016

The Saratov Reservoir Plant has manufactured two underground drain vessels for Undeground drain vessel for emergency drain transformer fluid with a volume of 63 m3 (EP-63).

The vessels are made of steel 09G2S and will be operated at temperatures up to -50ºC.

During operation, the drainage tanks are filled to 85% and operate at a pressure of 0.02 MPa.

The internal and external surfaces are treated with anticorrosive compositions HEMPADUR 85671. The housing of the vessels are covered with thermal insulating made of foamed polyurethane with a thickness of 50 mm.

There are manholes and nozzles for filling and draining the working product, for steaming, air, as well as for installing the pump and level gauge.

After the end of production, the vessels have undergone hydraulic pressure test of 0.088 MPa for integrity.

Overall dimensions of the vessels: diameter 3016 mm, length 9500 mm, height with neck 5010 mm, width 3060 mm.

If you are interested in ordering underground drain vessels with foamed polyurethane covering, call at +7(8452)250-288 or email .