Underground drain vessels supply

15 July 2017

Specialists of Saratov Reservoir Plant has carried out a schedule order: 8 pcs of the underground drainage tanks with a volume of 200 m3 were manufactured and delivered at the site. The shipment of veessels occurы in phases when construction site is available.

Underground drain vessels will be used at the facility in Tatarstan for industrial water storage.

Drainage tanks are made of steel 09G2S with a thickness of 10-14 mm. The thickness of the shell and the bottoms were calculated taking into account the corrosion allowance 3 mm.

To protect the рщгыштп from corrosion, the drainage tanks are covered with a waterproofing layer made of rolled bitumen mastic and Technoelast composition. The inner surface is covered by Hempadur composition.

Technical characteristics of custom made underground drain vessel with a volume of 200 m3:

  • operating pressure 0.05 MPa
  • media temperature - from -20ºC to +40ºC
  • overall dimensions: diameter 3400 mm, length 22850 mm, height 3570 mm

Under keeping of service rules, the design life of the vessels is 30 years.

If You are interested in the cost of design, manufacture and delivery of the undeground drain vessels, You may call at +7(8452)250-288 or email .