A 5000 m3 tank erection in Kemerovo

17 November 2017

Specialists of Saratov Reservoir Plant designed, manufactured, shipped and erected two vertical steel tanks for storage of ammonia nitrate. The nominal capacity of each tank is 5,000 m3.

It was truck shipment in several stages during which the following items were delivered:

  • rolled tanks (shell, roof, bottom, etc.)
  • 256 m3 of rock-wool used as thermal insulation material;
  • galvanized steel sheet used as a protection hood;

Tanks erection was carried out by the SARRZ and included the following: tank reinforced concrete foundation mounting, metal structures unrolling, roof installation, process equipment installing, laying down heat insulation, staining the surfaces.

Overall dimensions of the tanks with a volume of 5000 m3 are: diameter 20920 mm, height 14900 mm. The Maximum level of filling is 13400 mm.

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