Hot water tank BAGV-50 manufacturing

25 May 2014

The Saratov Reservoir Plant manufactured and shipped hot water storage tank BAGV-50 in may, 2014.

The 50 m3 storage tank is designed to store hot water and maintain the temperature at the required level.

Specifications of BAGV-50

  • effective hot water accumulator volume - 44.3 m3
  • the inner diameter of the tank - 4200 mm
  • the height of the cylindrical part of the tank - 3600 mm
  • the thickness of the bottom - 5 mm
  • the thickness of the conical self-supporting roof - 4 mm
  • the thickness of the shell: 1st ring-5 mm, 2nd-4 m, 3rd-4 mm
For more information about hot water accumulator tanks, please, contact specialists by phone +7(8452)250-288 or by e-mail .