Horizontal tanks for crude oil storage

23 October 2021

SARRZ has designed and produced six horizontal aboveground tanks with a capacity of 50 m3. The tanks are intended for crude oil storage at the oil facility in the village of Perelub (Saratov region).

The tanks are made of 09G2C steel with a thickness of 8 mm (bottoms and upper part of the shell) and 6 mm (lower rings). When designing corrosion allowance of 2 mm was taken into account.

Performance capability of the tank for crude oil

  • operating pressure up to 0.05 MPa;
  • processing medium density 791 kg/m3;
  • operating temperature from +5 °C to +50 °C;

The outer surface of the shell is coated with DTM "Lux" in 2 layers. The outer surface is coated with the composition of Antikor BEP (in 2 layers).

The color scheme of the platrorm, staircase, and railings is determined by the Customer's requirements.

There are hatches for the product input/output, drainage, manhole, as well as fittings for a temperature sensor, level gauge, level sensor, air vent, steaming and overflow.

Overall dimensions of the horizontal aboveground tank with a volume of 50 m3 for crude oil: diameter 2400 mm, total length 11440 mm, height 4193 mm.

To calculate the cost of the horizontal tank You may call the Plant at +7(8452)250-288 or send technical requirements to the necessary equipment to e - mail .