Underground drain vessels supply to Tatarstan

07 November 2017

Long run of undeground drain vessels with a volume of 100 m3 was delivered at the oil facility in Tatarstan. All the vessels were design and fabricated at the Saratov Reservoir Plant. The vessels are intended to be used as fire water tank for emergency water storage.

Drainage tanks are transported to the construction site in parts: separately housing and neck, which are welded on the spot.

Tanks are made of steel 09G2S 12 mm thick, taking into account the corrosion allowance of 2 mm.

The inner surface was treated with the Hempadur thickness of 300 µm. The outer surface is protected by bitumen mastic and rolled waterproofing material Technoelast (2 layers). In addition, the vessels have undergone thermal treatment to prolong their service life.

Design features of the drain vessels of 100 m3

There is a staircase to provide access to service personnel for routine cleaning and inspection of the internal surface inside.

To function manhole, technological manway, air vent, as well as fittings for the product inlet product discharge and installation of technological equipment (f.e., level transmitter) are provided in the housing.

Overall dimensions of underground drainage tanks with a volume of 100 m3: diameter 3200 mm, length 12600 mm, height 6803 mm (with necks), width 3360 mm.

When keeping equipment operating rules, the service life of the tanks is 20 years.

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