Saratov Reservoir Plant

  • Tanks and vessel equipment manufacture and supply across Russia
  • Development of the basic and detailed designs
  • Metal plasma cutting
  • Metal working

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Product line

Vertical tanks

Vertical steel cylindrical tanks for aboveground storage and transfer of petroleum products, water and other liquids

Bulk capacity vessels

Horizontal and vertical all-welded capacity vessels for liquids and gaseous fluids storage under pressure

Horizontal tanks

Aboveground or underground horizontal steel cylindrical tanks for petroleum products storage undr pressure; fire tanks

Vessels for LPG

Horizontal aboveground or underground vessels (gasholders) with elliptical heads for liquefied petroleum gases LPG storage

Underground drain vessels

Underground horizontal steel drain vessels for petroleum products and industrial effluents storage under pressure and without

Double-wall horizontal tanks

Aboveground and underground cylindrical double-wall steel tanks for petroleum products storage; tanks with protective wall, "vessel-in-a-vessel"

Hot water tanks

Buffer tanks (horizontal or vertical) for hot water storage and maintainance its temperature at heating and hot water systems

Tank equipment

Main equipment for safe and long-life operation of tanks, vessels, gasholder and other containers for petroleum products storage

Air vessels and gas receivers

Vertical and horizontal air vessels and receivers for pressure decrease and condensate collection

Silo, bunkers and tanks

Steel vertical cylindrical or rectangular vessel for grain, cement, flour, sand and other bulk solids storage

Stirred vessels

Vertical all-welded or split stirred vessels (vessels with agitator) with elliptical and flat heads for emulsification, suspension, homogenization, chemical reactions

Gas-oil separators

Horizontal and vertical gas-oil separators, sedimentation tanks, oil, gas and water treatment equipment and separation facilities

Tank pontoons

Metal and aluminum pontoons for vertical storage tanks